Month: August 2016

  • EPA Considers Raising All USA Fuel Octane

    Right now when you go to the pump in the United States, you’ll typically find a choice between 87 (regular), 88-90 (midgrade), and 91-94 (premium) octane gasoline. But that may all change in the next ten years. Yesterday, the EPA suggested that they were exploring the idea of mandating higher octane fuel for cars in…

  • Here’s the Latest News on Amazon Prime’s The Grand Tour

    The end of summer 2016 is approaching, and that means we’re drawing closer to Amazon Prime’s vague “autumn 2016” launch date for The Grand Tour – Jeremey Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May’s new show, if you were wondering. Here’s the latest news we could find on The Grand Tour.

  • Was The $21.78 Million 1955 Jaguar D-Type Worth It?

    If there’s anything we can understand, it’s a love of cars. We know more about random cars we see around town then most people know about their own cars. But when it comes to spending money on a car, our budget lands pretty close to the median. And that’s on a payment plan. 

  • Zero to 60: Celebrating The 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid

    It’s that time of the week again! Zero to 60 with automotive journalist Mark Arsen returns in the all-new 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid, courtesy of Leith Honda in Raleigh. If you’re looking for a car that gets nearly 50mpg and is incredibly safe, you’ve definitely found it. The 2017 Accord Hybrid starts at $29,605, gets…

  • I Just Hit a Police Car – Now What Do I Do?

    Collisions are no fun. But crashing with a police car? That’s extra terrible. If you’ve ever heard of this happening, seen it, or wondered what the consequences might be, this article is for you. Before we get going though, remember to always stay alert when driving. Accidents are out of our control, but crashes are…

  • First Self-Driving Ubers Coming to Pittsburgh This Month

    Autonomous driving has been spreading like wildfire this year. Almost every car company in the industry has come out announcing their self-driving strategy, and many vehicles are already equipped with semi-autonomous self-driving technology. That’s why this is such huge news.

  • Giorgetto Giugiaro: The Car Designer You Don’t Know You Know

    Does the name Giorgetto Giugiaro ring a bell? It probably won’t, but we’d be willing to bet you’ve crossed paths with some of his work. Giugiaro has designed over 100 vehicles for more than 40 different car companies, many Nikon cameras, and even some Apple computer prototypes.

  • It’s Got a Turbo! 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback Released

    When we write about Honda Civics, we can’t help but flash back to the 80s and 90s. Those old tin cans were so easy on the eyes, they should’ve been called Honda Visines. Alas, those are Civics of the past, and they’re becoming more impractical and unreliable by the day. Luckily, the 2017 Honda Civic is here to…

  • We’ll Bring the Napkins: How to Combine a Cookout and a Road Trip

    Don’t you hate trying to find somewhere to get a decent meal on a road-trip? We definitely do. It’s always a struggle – either you stop and eat somewhere relatively healthy, or pull over at an Arby’s and scarf down this month’s mystery-meat special.

  • Zero to 60 Meets Volkswagen of Cary’s Humble Mechanic

    Episode 7(a)  No one eats, sleeps, and dreams about cars like Charles the “Humble Mechanic.” As if being a Volkswagen Master Technician wasn’t enough, Charles has dedicated hours of his time and energy into creating videos and writing blogs that help other people sort out their car problems. For the Humble Mechanic, though, this is…