I Just Hit a Police Car – Now What Do I Do?

Hit a Police Car

Collisions are no fun. But crashing with a police car? That’s extra terrible. If you’ve ever heard of this happening, seen it, or wondered what the consequences might be, this article is for you. Before we get going though, remember to always stay alert when driving. Accidents are out of our control, but crashes are preventable.

So, you just hit a police car

First, check yourself for injuries. If you are in any pain, do not get out of your car or move. Second, call 911. You just hit a cop, but legally they can’t conduct an investigation on a collision in which they were involved. By this time, the police officer (assuming they are uninjured) will probably be out of their car to check if you’re ok.

From here, the investigation will be conducted as if you had hit any other car, with one major difference. Government vehicles are typically insured by the government, making the claim-filing process more complicated. For this reason, it’s best to call your insurance agency. Alert them that you hit a police car and let them handle the claims process with the police department.

Hit a Police Car

What happens if a police car hits you? 

This is where things get a little trickier. Like we mentioned earlier, government vehicles don’t have automotive insurance like civilian vehicles. That means filing a claim against them is going to be complicated. Everything with the government is complicated.

So, our best advice is to hire a lawyer. They’ll know what to do, and they’ll protect you through this arduous process. It might cost you a little more in the long run, but it’s better than having to shoulder the entire cost of repairing your vehicle, or worse. We recognize that most police officers serve honestly, but we know that not all do. So, protect yourself with a lawyer

Hit a Police Car

Our best advice

Don’t get in a crash. Like we said before, collisions are typically born out of negligence, they’re not accidents. Stay alert, drive defensively, and never drive a vehicle if intoxicated. You may also consider buying a dash cam for your vehicle. We recommend them as a defense against insurance fraud and false reporting. Here are a few great options. Drive safe!






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